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Savannah Services Group Basic Setup Checklist

User / Mailbox / Cloud Account Setup

  1. Login to the Dreamhost account for Savannah Services 

  2. Create a new “” account for the new person

  3. Note user/password - you will need this for setting up connection to Gmail later

  4. Setup new “” account for the new person in GSuite Admin Console

  5. Note user/password for gmail login to provide to user later

  6. Login to the new gmail account

  7. Go to Settings > See All Settings > Accounts and Forwarding

    1. Connect another mailbox to receive mail (the box created in step 2)

    2. Send/receive mail setup also, use TLS port 587 for

      1. You will need to sign into the avatara mailbox for a verification code the URL for webmail is

    3. See video recording from Loom for video tutorial with step by step

  8. Last, login to the Avatara Microsoft 365 admin center and add a new user with subscription there so they have M365 apps (especially teams). See video tutorial part 3


Laptop Setup

1.       MS Teams

2.       Gmail – Sign In to and create Chrome Shortcut to Gmail and Pin to Taskbar

3.       Sign In to OneDrive – make sure to change default one-drive location to point data location to data drive if it exists instead of C Drive partition if the C Drive is small – if C Drive is only one that exists than sync there

4.       You may need to sign into OneDrive in the web-browser, find the Shared section, and manually find the shared folders and click “Sync” in the browser to add them to OneDrive sync locally.

5.       Install LastPass universal setup for Windows

6.       Sign into LastPass in the appropriate browser

7.       Sign into MS Office 365, pin Word/Excel as needed